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If you are wondering how much time you will need to spend on your wedding

planning, there is no set number. Every couple and wedding are completely


Whilst the amount of time will vary all of them will have one thing in common,

it does take time to plan any event.

Maybe you have planned a party or even hosted a bridal shower or baby

shower then you will understand how much time went into this, organising

a wedding will take considerably longer!

There are so many decisions to make, what style of wedding you would

love, the location, how many people will you invite and the lists start before you

have started looking at suppliers, outfits, food, drinks, music and fun ideas to

make your wedding unique to you.

These are all fun tasks but they are going to take up precious time during your

days and weekends. Trying to contact suppliers, getting quotes, not really

knowing who to choose, working out how many of your guests have dietary

requirements, organising your stationery and the list goes on.

But don't fret, here are some top tips for helping you save time planning your


If it is within your budget, and you're struggling for time, hire a wedding planner - especially if you're planning a wedding which isn't local to you. A planner will bring a wealth of experience to you, helping you streamline the planning process and guiding you to exactly what you need to be focusing on.

A planner can also get in touch with suppliers and venues far quicker than you

can as they already have their details, have already forged relationships with them and will know exactly what questions to ask on your behalf. Don't forget venues drown

with enquiries during engagement season, by having a planner working for you

means they are able to get responses faster with all the latest prices for you.

If a planner isn't for you then get organised as soon as you start your wedding

planning. It will make it much easier when you are working on so many details

later on.

You need to be realistic about your wedding budget and concentrate on the

main things first, this will be your ceremony, food and drinks, outfits, rings and

music. Flowers and decorations can be done when you know what you have

already spent on everything else.

Create a doable timeline to get things done, work out how much time you have

to spend on your wedding planning.

Set aside time with your partner, often life gets in the way and it can become

stressful if you find you seem to be demanding their time. Be sensible, work out

a time you are both happy to sit down and plan together. This could be one

evening each week or a weekend for a few hours.

Delegate, get help from your close family and friends, they would love to be involved!

Ask your wedding party to help you with choosing outfits, flowers, hair, make up

styles and shoes.

You don't have to do this alone, you now have some great tips for you to save you

time planning your wedding and get others involved.


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