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We do

Lead with design
Value relationships
Challenge ourselves
Care about the planet
Pay attention to the details
Enjoy our work

We don't

Do boring
Work without reward
Sacrifice quality for profit
Prefer salad to cake
Make decisions for you
Replicate or imitate

flamingo + Fern

The flamingo calls for you to be vibrant and outgoing. They're well-balanced and resourceful, and represent everything we stand for - our spirit animals!

Ferns are unique in the plant world, they symbolise new life and new beginnings. For us, the Fern makes the perfect partner to the Flamingo.

What we stand for

What may be a daunting task to you, is what we live for. We love it when our couples and clients challenge us. Once we understand what is important to you, it allows us to put you at the heart of everything we do.

Our approach is collaborative, we will bring you the ideas you're looking for but don't know how to find. You're the ones in control and making the decisions, we're here to help you navigate the world of design and logistics.

We're passionate about bespoke design and bringing a level of uniqueness to everything we do. If you're looking to follow the trends and traditions then you're in the wrong place! Tell us your crazy ideas and we'll make them happen.

You, being unashamedly you!

Your Perfect Match

When you ask us to find a supplier for you, we'll match you to suppliers not only by the service they provide but how they work and how well your personalities match.

We don't accept any commission for recommendations, and any discounts we negotiate will be passed straight on to you.


So, you know there is no bias in our work and we'll only ever send someone your way if we know you will love them!


Our Sustainable Approach

We know weddings and events can be terrible for the environment. Yet, there are so many ways you can make your wedding more eco-friendly without compromising on design. We'll support your choices to reduce the negative impact without any judgement from us, we're just glad you're thinking about it.

We are partnered with Ecologi to reduce our carbon, offset our business travel as well as plant trees! We make efforts to use less plastic, recycle more, waste less and most importantly, we try our best to educate ourselves and we're always finding new ways to improve our processes.

As well as planting trees for our couples, we support projects across the world with Ecologi. From helping to preserve the Amazon rainforest and producing clean energy, check out the difference we've made already. We're proud to be a climate positive workforce.

We plant 100 additional trees for every couple who chooses us

Wind power generation in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam

This project will generate 320,000 MWh of renewable electricity every year and feed it into Vietnam’s national grid, helping to bridge the gap between supply and demand that currently exists. By replacing electricity generated from fossil fuel fired power plants with electricity generated using wind power, this project will prevent around 143,000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere every year.

Jungle Waterfall
Preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil

The objective of this Brazilian Amazon REDD project is to avoid emissions from planned deforestation on a property in Para State, in the Eastern Amazon of Brazil. The property includes five forest areas with over 200,000 hectares. This project will preserve 27,434.9 hectares of native forest within the site, which had previously been designated for deforestation in order to clear the land for livestock pasture.

Solar Energy
Solar power generation in Tamil Nadu and Telangana, India

The purpose of this project is to generate electricity using solar energy and sell the power generated to the state grid. The generated electricity will be exported to the regional grid system which is under the purview of the new, interconnected national electricity grid of India. Each year, this project will displace 95,145 MWh of electricity from the generation-mix of power plants connected to the grid.

Fern Plant

flamingo + Fern

Every celebration, event or wedding is a new beginning, a chance to create something never been done before.

Expect your expectations to be exceeded, your dreams to be realised and an event that you will remember forever.

We're not here to re-create what has been done before, we're here to create a celebration that could only be yours.

Meet our Flamboyance

Planner & Stylist

I'm a romantic at heart, and there's nothing more fun than seeing people come together to celebrate love - no matter how it looks! A wedding is entirely different from any other event because of the unique blend of tradition, creativity, and personalisation.


Being trusted with the responsibility of curating one of the most significant days of our clients lives is an honour.


My favorite part is when our clients walk into their venues and see their visions come to life. Our conversations, our late night worried texts, and our emails "I just remembered something," all come together as they see how we've crafted their day into one that feels so personal and perfect for them. Being able to provide guidance, support, and reassurance to clients throughout their planning journey, and witnessing their heartfelt gratitude at the end, is the ultimate motivation and reward for me. 

Things I love


Fruit Teas

Pornstar Martinis

Interior design

Greys Anatomy



Planner & Stylist

Weddings are my passion, they are full of romance, celebration, and joy.


Being a wedding planner allows me to immerse myself in this world.

Everything we do revolves around making sure that your day is about everything and everyone you love, and nothing else.


My favourite challenge is coming up with unique ideas, logistical issues or solving an unexpected problem on the spot. We help couples bring their dreams to life.


It's an incredibly rewarding experience and a great way to make a positive impact on people's lives. It's also an opportunity to hone your creativity and problem-solving skills. Being a part of one of the most important days in a couple's life and contributing to their happiness is so rewarding and I’m so happy to get to call this my job.

Things I love


Iced Coffee


Espresso Martinis

Interior design


Autumn leaves



Flamingo + Fern

I'm Eleanor

I'm Lois


Flamingo Close Up

Captain of Multitasking

A calming influence, who brings things together with ease.

Things I love

Eating shrimp

Water wading


Anything pink


Building mud nests




Chief Image Officer

A passionate personality, with an eye for pretty things.

Things I love

The flamboyance


Standing on one leg


Eating upside-down

Looking after chicks

Meeting new friends

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We adopt a flamingo for every couple we work with
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