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Golden Romance in the Lakes


The golden warm glow of the setting sun above the rolling hills in the Lakes is perfect for an elopement


A short walk from Blea Tarn in the Lake District was our chosen location for this inspirational elopement shoot. It is the perfect location for any adventurous couple to be surrounded by lakes and mountains, all in the UK. This location is one of my absolute favourite spots, and holds some precious memories of camping and hiking with my friends and family.

Knowing that many couples feel they’re unable to recreate looks from shoots, we specifically chose areas that were accessible and easy to find whilst still giving privacy and a feeling of exclusivity.

Inspiration and Styling

The inspiration was an earthy, romantic and free spirited elopement. During the day, we focused on Emma and Matty, our real couple - it really was all about them and their electric chemistry as they read love letters to each other and threw snow confetti. Once the sun started to set, we set up a beautiful seated area where they were able to relive their evenings abroad, sipping champagne, watching the sun go down and planning the rest of their lives together.

Fashion and Beauty

Emma styled her own hair, and amazingly did her own make up as well. This shoot was organised when restrictions were still in place for some suppliers, and we were keen to show how even without a full team of people, you are still able to create the perfect day.

Emma wore an incredible dress which really came into its element as the sun started to set and the gold light shone through the tassels making it glow!

Anything else to share

This shoot took place on the first day wedding restrictions allowed 6 people to attend, and it felt like a real celebration of love conquering all. My advice to any brides reading this is don’t be held back by something just because no one else is doing it, instead see it as an opportunity to create something completely unique!


Photography - Hannah from The Lightpainters

Planner - Lois from Flamingo and Fern

Florals - Laura from Peony and Gold

Decor and Styling - Wilde and Romantic

Model, hair and make up - Emma from Hair by Emma Jewell

Confetti - Adam apple


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